What is Permanent Jewelry?

All the Information You Need Before Committing to a Welded Piece

Permanent jewelry seems to be a growing trend. While the concept isn’t new, more and more people have started to embrace it.

But what is permanent jewelry, exactly?

Permanent jewelry, also called welded or infinity jewelry, involves getting a bracelet or necklace permanently welded onto the body. In other words, these pieces lack the traditional clasp that allows you to remove them, fusing the two ends of the chain together.

This article will give you the full run-down on these forever pieces, answering some of the most commonly asked questions people have to help you decide if you’re ready to commit to permanent jewelry.

What is the point of permanent jewelry?

At the risk of stating the obvious, the point of permanent jewelry is the permanence factor. This is a big deal for some, especially those with a tendency to overthink. But even if you’re the more impulsive type, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of permanent jewelry before throwing caution to the wind.

Is permanent jewelry right for you?

If you’re toying with the idea of getting a forever bracelet or necklace but still have some doubts, we recommend buying one with a clasp and wearing it as you would a permanent one (i.e., by not taking it off). This way, you can experience how it looks and feels without the commitment.

It will also reveal how the piece will hold up during your daily activities. This is important as these items (like any fine jewelry piece) are subject to wear and tear and may require maintenance from time to time. In addition, you may find that some pieces become a hindrance when performing certain tasks.

Someone who often works with their hands or operates heavy machinery, for example, should consider getting a permanent necklace instead of a permanent bracelet. These are less likely to come into contact with hard surfaces or get snagged on clothing, etc.

Skin sensitivities are another factor to consider when looking into permanent jewelry. Certain pieces contain traces of nickel, which can have negative side effects for people with a nickel allergy. If you know or suspect that you are one of these people, avoid permanent jewelry that is plated. Make sure that the piece is made from a hypoallergenic metal like yellow or white gold instead.

When all is said and done, if you love it and the piece doesn’t bother you or get in the way of your everyday activities, consider having it professionally welded by a jeweler. And if you still worry that you’ll regret your decision to get a permanent jewelry piece, you can always have it removed and convert it back to a traditional piece by adding a clasp.

What makes permanent jewelry special?

Jewelry often carries a special meaning for the wearer. It can be sentimental or commemorative, serving as a reminder of a specific milestone or event. Permanent jewelry does so on a deeper level since it’s a piece you would generally wear at all times. Consider it a major upgrade from the humble yarn-and-bead friendship bracelet or an alternative to a tattoo.

Is permanent jewelry safe?

Strictly speaking, yes. However, it should be noted that there are some potential hazards with permanent bracelets. For example, swelling caused by pregnancy, injuries, or heat could result in the chain becoming too tight and restricting the blood circulation around the area. People with sensitive skin or metal allergies should only opt for permanent bracelets made from 14-karat gold or higher. Anything closer to pure gold (24 karats) will contain less nickel and is more hypoallergenic. Have your doctor perform a patch test if you’re unsure whether you are sensitive to certain metals.

How does permanent jewelry work?

Typically, you’ll need to visit a jewelry store specializing in permanent jewelry, as the welding process requires a professional-grade welder. Some jewelry stores like Love Weld and Catbird also offer the option to add charms to your clasp-free chain.

While at the store, the jeweler will assist you with finding the right length for your forever bracelet. We recommend leaving a couple centimeters of wiggle room for comfort, but you can choose whether you want it to be tighter or looser. Since a permanent bracelet is something of a long-term commitment, you’ll definitely want it to fit right. So, see what feels comfortable before making your final decision. Ideally, you don’t want it so tight that you can’t bend your wrist and not so loose that it can slip off without you noticing.

If you’re thinking about getting multiple forever bracelets, try experimenting with different sizes. Bracelets of the same size tend to get twisted together more easily than ones of varying sizes. Dainty bracelets are also more prone to getting tangled up together than when you pair them with thicker chains.

Once you’re confident about the size of your bracelet or bracelets, it’s time to get them welded. The welder will put a piece of leather between your wrist and the bracelet. In one hand, they’ll hold the welding machine and in the other, some pliers. The welding machine resembles an oversized ballpoint pen that lights a spark. This ignites and solders the jump ring, linking one side of the chain to the other.

Does getting permanent jewelry hurt?

Generally, no. While the heat from the welding machine produces sparks, the welding tools don’t touch your skin, and the leather around your wrist protects it. The whole process is completely painless and only takes around two to three minutes.

Can permanent jewelry be removed?

Although permanent jewelry is intended to be worn forever, it can be easily removed for whatever reason. All you need is a pair of scissors to cut the jump ring. The jump ring is typically larger than any of the other links in the chain. Cutting the bracelet here means you can have it re-welded again for a small fee when you’re ready.

How much does permanent jewelry cost?

The cost of permanent jewelry can range from around $100 to well over $1,000. This depends on the brand, style, and material.

Closing Thoughts on Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry can be a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. Stylish and versatile, you can wear one bracelet or several for a layered look. You also have the convenience of not having to put it on and take it off. This makes it a great option for people looking for a low-maintenance solution to wearing jewelry. Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about losing your bracelets or necklaces again!

Furthermore, permanent bracelets can make meaningful gifts for friends and family members. Especially if you like the idea of having something everlasting but don’t want to commit to a tattoo.


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